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LG Air Conditioner Remote Controls

Model NumberRemote
Part Number
AG1AC11BKM 6711A20010D
AG1AC17BWF 6711A20010D
AG1AC17BWG 6711A20010D
AG1AC17BWI 6711A20010D
AG1AC23BKM 6711A20010D
AG1AC23BWF 6711A20010D
AG1AC23BWG 6711A20010D
AG1AC23BWI 6711A20010D
AG1AH07BWF 6711A20078B
AHMC30AS-1 6711A20078B
AMNW09GDEL0 AKB35149717
AMNW09GDEL1 AKB35149706
AMNW09GDER0 AKB35149717
AMNW09GDER1 AKB35149706
AMNW12GDEL0 AKB35149717
AMNW12GDEL1 AKB35149706
AMNW12GDER0 AKB35149717
AMNW12GTRA0 AKB35149717
AMNW18GD5L0 AKB35149717
AMNW18GD5L1 AKB35149706
AS-C0764DM0 6711A90032M
AS-C0964DM0 6711A90032M
AS-C1264DM0 6711A90032M
AS-H0764DM0 6711A90032N
AS-H0964DM0 6711A90032N
AS-H1264DM0 6711A90032N
AS-H1865DM0 6711A90032N
AS-H2465DM0 6711A90032N
AS-W093BRU1 AKB73215509
AS-W093BRU1 AKB73315608
AS-W123BRU1 AKB73215509
AS-W123BRU1 AKB73315608
ASN0914DH0 6711A20083Q
ASNC121E1H0 6711A20083Q
ASNC1835DM0 6711A20083Q
ASNC2435DM0 6711A20083Q
ASNH091E1H0 6711A20128B
ASNH121E1H0 6711A20128B
ASNH1835DM0 6711A20128B
ASNH2435DM0 6711A20128B
ASNW303DGH0 6711A20128R
AT-C243HLF0 6711A20083Q
AT-C343HLF0 6711A20083Q
AWYAHDC 6711A20066C
AWYAHDC 6711A20066F
AWYAHDP 6711A20034E
AWYALOW 6711A20034G
B-HMH18AS 6711A20078B
BHMH24AS 6711A20078B
C09AWMUU0 6711A90032Y
CL8000ER 6711A20034G
D13-SBB6MN AKB73315605
FMN07602L 6711A20069J
FMN09602L 6711A20069J
FMN12602L 6711A20069J
FMN18602L 6711A20069J
FMN24602L 6711A20069J
GL6000ER 6711A20034G
HMH030KD1 6711A20078B
HMH036KDT1 6711A20078B
HW600CS 6711A20066C
HW600CS 6711A20066F
HWC061JGMK3 6711A20035A
HWC061JGMK4 6711A20035A
KG5200ER 6711A20034A
L1004R 6711A20034G
L1006R 6711A20034G
L1006RY6 6711A20034G
L1010ER 6711A20034G
L1204R 6711A20034G
L1210ER 6711A20034G
L1404R 6711A20034G
L1804R 6711A20034G
L1804RYT 6711A20034G
L1810ER 6711A20034G
L3-C363LA0 6711A20039M
L3-H363MA0 6711A20078B
L3NH123LMA0 6711A20039N
L3NH123MMA0 6711A20078B
L5004R 6711A20034G
L6004R 6711A20034E
L6004RA 6711A20034E
L8004R 6711A20034G
L8004RY4 6711A20035A
L8008R 6711A20035A
L8010ER 6711A20034G
LA090CP 6711A20128F
LA090CPI 6711A20128F
LA090CPO 6711A20128F
LA090HPI 6711A20128F
LA091CNP 6711A20128F
LA091HNP 6711A20128F
LA1000PR 6711A20052M
LA120CP 6711A20083R
LA120CPI 6711A20083R
LA120HP 6711A20083R
LA120HPI 6711A20083R
LA121CNM 6711A20128J
LA121CNP 6711A20083R
LA121CPM 6711A20128J
LA121CPMI 6711A20128J
LA121HNM 6711A20128H
LA121HNP 6711A20083R
LA121HPM 6711A20128H
LA121HPMI 6711A20128H
LA140CE 6711A20083Q
LA141CP 6711A20083Q
LA180CP 6711A20083R
LA181CNW 6711A20083R
LA246HV 6711A20128S
LAN090HSV AKB73215509
LAN090HSV AKB73315608
LAN091CNP 6711A20128F
LAN091HNP 6711A20128F
LAN095HV 6711A20128S
LAN096HNP 6711A20128F
LAN120HSV AKB73215509
LAN120HSV AKB73315608
LAN121CNM 6711A20128J
LAN121CNP 6711A20083R
LAN121HNM 6711A20128H
LAN121HNP 6711A20083R
LAN125HV 6711A20128S
LAN126HV 6711A20128S
LAN180HSV2 AKB73635606
LAN181CNW 6711A20083R
LAN185HV 6711A20128S
LAN240HSV2 AKB73635606
LAN245HV 6711A20128S
LAN246HV 6711A20128S
LB1000ER 6711A20034G
LB1200ER 6711A20034G
LB8000ER 6711A20034G
LB8000R 6711A20034E
LC240CP 6711A20083Q
LC240CPI 6711A20083Q
LC240CPO 6711A20083Q
LC340CP 6711A20083Q
LC340CPI 6711A20083Q
LC340CPO 6711A20083Q
LCN240CP 6711A20083Q
LCN340CP 6711A20083Q
LEC061ALMK1 6711A20056T
LEC081ALMK1 6711A20093A
LEC101ALMK1 6711A20093A
LEC101ALMK2 6711A20034G
LEC121ALMK0 6711A20093A
LF300CP 6711A20060F
LF480CE 6711A20060G
LFN300CP 6711A20060F
LFN480CE 6711A20060G
LM-1830C2L 6711A20039M
LM-1830C2M 6711A20025N
LM-1830C2N 6711A20025M
LM-1830H2L 6711A20039N
LM-1830H2M 6711A20026U
LM-1830H2N 6711A20026T
LM-2166E2L 6711A20069J
LM-2430C2L 6711A20039M
LM-2430C2M 6711A20025N
LM-2430C2M 6711A20039M
LM-2430C2N 6711A20025M
LM-2430H2L 6711A20039N
LM-2430H2M 6711A20039N
LM-2430H2M 6711A20078B
LM-3061E2L 6711A20069J
LM-360CE 6711A20039M
LM-360HE 6711A20039N
LM2430H2N 6711A20026T
LMAN090CNS 6711A20083R
LMAN090HNS 6711A20128F
LMAN095HV AKB35149717
LMAN095HVT AKB35149706
LMAN097HVT AKB73635606
LMAN120CNS 6711A20083R
LMAN120HNS 6711A20128F
LMAN121CNM 6711A20083R
LMAN121HNM 6711A20128H
LMAN125HV AKB35149717
LMAN125HVT AKB35149706
LMAN127HVT AKB73635606
LMAN185HV AKB35149717
LMAN187HVT AKB73635606
LMCN125HV AKB35149717
LMCN185HV AKB35149717
LMDN095HV 6711A20116R
LMDN125HV 6711A20116R
LMDN185HV 6711A20116R
LMN090CE 6711A20128A
LMN090HE 6711A20128C
LMN095HV AKB35149717
LMN095HVT AKB35149706
LMN097HVT AKB73635606
LMN120CE 6711A20128A
LMN120HE 6711A20128C
LMN125HV AKB35149717
LMN125HVT AKB35149706
LMN127HVT AKB73635606
LMN1830C2L 6711A20039M
LMN1830C2M 6711A20025N
LMN1830H2L 6711A20039N
LMN1830H2M 6711A20078B
LMN185HV AKB35149717
LMN185HVT AKB35149706
LMN187HVT AKB73635606
LMN2430C2L 6711A20039N
LMN2430C2M 6711A20078B
LMN2430H2L 6711A20039N
LMN2430H2L 6711A20078B
LMN3061E2L 6711A20069J
LP-C303R20 6711A20060F
LP0711WNR COV30332906
LP0813WNR COV30332906
LP0910WNR COV30332901
LP0910WNRY2 COV30332908
LP1010SNR COV30332903
LP1013WNR COV30332908
LP1111WXR COV30332904
LP1200DXR 6711A20034D
LP1200SDR COV30103901
LP1210BXR COV30332902
LP1213GXR COV30332902
LP1311BXR COV30332902
LP1411SHR COV30333802
LP1413SHR COV30332907
LP1414SHR COV30332907
LP6000ER 6711A20052J
LP6010ER 6711A20103J
LP7000R 6711A20052J
LPNC303R20 6711A20060F
LQC061ARMK2 6711A20056T
LS-C121RMA0 6711A20010D
LS-C122RMA0 6711A20010D
LS-C141URB0 6711A20083Q
LS-C1420CE 6711A20010D
LS-C1865DM0 6711A90032M
LS-C2665DM0 6711A90032M
LS-C302MMB0 6711A20010D
LS-C303MAA0 6711A20025N
LS-C303MLA0 6711A20025M
LS-H1264DM0 6711A90032N
LS-H1865DM0 6711A90032N
LS-H246TNB0 6711A20010N
LS-H246TNBO 6711A20010D
LS-H2665DM0 6711A90032N
LS-H303MAA0 6711A20026U
LS-H303MAA0 6711A20078B
LS-J0910CL 6711A20039M
LS-J0910HL 6711A20039N
LS-J0961HL 6711A20028K
LS-K1822CL 6711A20010E
LS-K1822CM 6711A20010E
LS-K1822CN 6711A20010E
LS-K1822HL 6711A20010N
LS-K1822HM 6711A20010N
LS-K1822HN 6711A20010N
LS-K1830CL 6711A20039M
LS-K1830HL 6711A20039N
LS-K1830HL 6711A20078B
LS-K1830HM 6711A20026U
LS-K1830HM 6711A20078B
LS-K1862CL 6711A20010E
LS-K1862CM 6711A20010E
LS-K1862CN 6711A20010E
LS-K2422CL 6711A20010E
LS-K2422CM 6711A20010E
LS-K2422CN 6711A20010E
LS-K2422HL 6711A20010N
LS-K2422HM 6711A20010N
LS-K2422HN 6711A20010N
LS-K2430CL 6711A20039M
LS-K2430HL 6711A20039N
LS-K2430HL 6711A20078B
LS-K2430HM 6711A20026U
LS-K2430HM 6711A20078B
LS-K2460HL 6711A20028K
LS-K2463HL 6711A20028K
LS-K2468HL 6711A20028K
LS-K2662CL 6711A20010E
LS-K2662CM 6711A20010E
LS-K2662CN 6711A20010E
LS-K2662HL 6711A20010N
LS-K2662HM 6711A20010N
LS-K2662HN 6711A20010N
LS-L1210CL 6711A20039M
LS-L1210HL 6711A20039N
LS-M3021AL 6711A20010E
LS-M3021CL 6711A20010E
LS-M3060BL 6711A20010N
LS-M3060HL 6711A20010N
LS-M3061AL 6711A20010E
LS-M3061CL 6711A20010E
LS-M3064CL 6711A20010E
LS-M3221AL 6711A20010E
LS-M3221BL 6711A20010N
LS-M3221CL 6711A20010E
LS-M3221HL 6711A20010N
LS-N096QNA0 6711A20010N
LS-N3660HL 6711A20010N
LS-N3661HL 6711A20010N
LS-N3821HL 6711A20010N
LS-Q076ABG 6711A20010N
LS-Q076ABL 6711A20010N
LS-Q082BAG 6711A20010E
LS-Q082BDL 6711A20010E
LS-Q096ABG 6711A20010N
LS-Q096ABL 6711A20010N
LS-Q096ABM 6711A20010N
LS-Q096AHG 6711A20010N
LS-Q096BAG 6711A20010E
LS-Q096BDG 6711A20010E
LS-S1210HL 6711A20039N
LS090CE 6711A20128A
LS090HE 6711A20128C
LS120CE 6711A20128A
LS120HE 6711A20128C
LS180CE 6711A20128A
LS180HE 6711A20128C
LS240CE 6711A20128A
LS240HE 6711A20128C
LS240HSV2 6711A20128R
LS300CE 6711A20039M
LS301CE 6711A20039M
LS301HE 6711A20039N
LSC091PMA 6711A20083R
LSC121PMA 6711A20083Q
LSC121PMA 6711A20083R
LSC183VMA 6711A20083Q
LSC183VMA 6711A20083R
LSC183VMA 6711A20083R
LSC303MAA1 6711A20025N
LSH0056BL 6711A90031C
LSJ0910CM 6711A20025N
LSK181N-2 6711A20028K
LSK182H 6711A20028K
LSK1830CM 6711A20025N
LSK2430CM 6711A20025N
LSK2430CN 6711A20025M
LSK2430HN 6711A20026T
LSK244H-1 6711A20028K
LSL1210CM 6711A20025N
LSL1210HM 6711A20026U
LSM304H 6711A20028K
LSM304H-1 6711A20028K
LSN090CE 6711A20128A
LSN090HE 6711A20128C
LSN090HYV AKB73635606
LSN091HSV2 AKB73635606
LSN092CE 6711A20083Q
LSN092HE 6711A20128B
LSN093HE 6711A20128B
LSN120CE 6711A20128A
LSN120HE 6711A20128C
LSN120HYV AKB73635606
LSN122CE 6711A20083Q
LSN122HE 6711A20128B
LSN180CE 6711A20128A
LSN180HE 6711A20128C
LSN181HSV2 AKB73635606
LSN182CE 6711A20083Q
LSN182HE 6711A20128B
LSN186CE 6711A20083Q
LSN186HE 6711A20083Q
LSN240CE 6711A20128A
LSN240HE 6711A20128C
LSN240HSV 6711A20128R
LSN240HSV2 6711A20128R
LSN242CE 6711A20083Q
LSN242HE 6711A20128B
LSN301HE 6711A20039N
LSN305HV 6711A20128R
LSN306HV 6711A20128R
LSN307HV 6711A20128R
LSN360HV 6711A20128R
LSN364H-1 6711A20028K
LSN364H-3 6711A20028K
LSN364H-4 6711A20028K
LSNH2460TNB0 6711A20028K
LSNH303MMA1 6711A20039N
LSNH366NLD0 6711A20028K
LSNH366NMD0 6711A20028K
LSR120H-3 6711A20028K
LST180H-2 6711A20028K
LST182H-2 6711A20028K
LST182H-4 6711A20028K
LST243H-2 6711A20028K
LST244H-2 6711A20028K
LST244T-2 6711A20028K
LSUJ0910HL 6711A20078B
LT080CSG 6711A20093A
LT0810CR 6711A20034G
LT081CER 6711A20034G
LT081CNR 6711A20034G
LT100CSG 6711A20035A
LT1010CR 6711A20034G
LT1010CRY6 6711A20035A
LT101CNR 6711A20034G
LT1030CR 6711A20034G
LT1030CRY6 6711A20034G
LT1030HR 6711A20034G
LT103CER 6711A20034G
LT103CNR 6711A20034G
LT103HNR 6711A20034G
LT120CSG 6711A20035A
LT1210CR 6711A20034G
LT1210CRY6 6711A20035A
LT121CNR 6711A20034G
LT121CSG 6711A20093A
LT1230C 6711A20034G
LT1230C 6711A20093A
LT1230CR 6711A20034G
LT1230HR 6711A20034G
LT123CNR 6711A20034G
LT123HNR 6711A20034G
LT1430CR 6711A20034G
LT1430CRY6 6711A20034G
LT143CNR 6711A20034G
LV100CE 6711A20035A
LV120CE 6711A20035A
LW050CE 6711A20034E
LW1000ER 6711A20034G
LW1000PR 6711A20052A
LW1000PRY3 6711A20052A
LW1004ER 6711A20034G
LW1010ER 6711A20034G
LW1011CR 6711A20034G
LW1011ER 6711A20034G
LW1012CR 6711A20034G
LW1012ER 6711A20066L
LW1012ER AKB73016010
LW12000ER 6711A20035A
LW1200ER 6711A20034G
LW1200ERY3 6711A20034G
LW1200PR 6711A20052A
LW1200PRY3 6711A20052A
LW120CS 6711A20034G
LW1210ER 6711A20034G
LW1210HR 6711A20034E
LW1211ER 6711A20034G
LW1212ER 6711A20066L
LW1212ER AKB73016010
LW1212HR 6711A20034E
LW1212HR 6711A20066N
LW1213ER AKB73016004
LW1400ER 6711A20034G
LW1400ER 6711A20035A
LW1500PR 6711A20052A
LW1500PRY3 6711A20052A
LW1510ER 6711A20034G
LW1511ER 6711A20034G
LW1512ER COV31159901
LW1512ER COV31214201
LW1512ERS 6711A20034G
LW1800ER 6711A20034G
LW1800ERZ3 6711A20034G
LW1800PR 6711A20052A
LW1800PRZ3 6711A20052A
LW1804ER 6711A20034G
LW1810ER 6711A20034G
LW1810HR 6711A20034D
LW1811ER 6711A20034G
LW1812ER COV31159901
LW1812ER COV31214201
LW1812ERS 6711A20034G
LW1812HR 6711A20034D
LW1813HR 6711A20034D
LW1814ER 6711A20066L
LW1814ER AKB73016010
LW240CE 6711A20034G
LW2410HR 6711A20034D
LW2412ER COV31159901
LW2412ER COV31214201
LW2412HR 6711A20034D
LW2413HR 6711A20034D
LW250CE 6711A20034G
LW2510ER 6711A20034G
LW2511ER 6711A20034G
LW2512ER 6711A20034G
LW5200ER 6711A20034E
LW5200R 6711A20034E
LW6012ER 6711A20034E
LW6511R 6711A20034E
LW7000R 6711A20034E
LW7010HR 6711A20034E
LW7012HR 6711A20066N
LW8000ER 6711A20034G
LW8000ERY3 6711A20034G
LW8000ERY4 6711A20034G
LW8000PR 6711A20052A
LW8010ER 6711A20034G
LW8011ER 6711A20034G
LW8012ER 6711A20066L
LW8012ER AKB73016010
LW8012ERJ COV31159901
LW8012ERJ COV31214201
LW8013ER 6711A20034G
LW8013ER AKB73016004
LW8014ER 6711A20066L
LW8014ER AKB73016010
LWC051JGMK1 6711A20034E
LWC081KLMK1 6711A20034G
LWC101LLMK1 6711A20034G
LWC101VLPA1 6711A20052M
LWC121LLMK0 6711A20034G
LWC121LLMK1 6711A20034G
LWC121RLMM0 6711A20034D
LWC121RLMM1 6711A20034D
LWC1262PCG 6711A20034G
LWC141CGMM1 6711A20034S
LWC183MBMM1 6711A20034S
LWC183MBMM4 6711A20034S
LWC183MGMM1 6711A20034S
LWC183PLMD1 6711A20034G
LWC183PLMDI 6711A20034G
LWC183PLME1 6711A20034G
LWC183PLMK0 6711A20034G
LWC183PLMK1 6711A20034G
LWC243NGMM0 6711A20034S
LWC243NGMM2 6711A20034S
LWC253THMK2 6711A20034G
LWG1010PCG 6711A20034A
LWHD1000CR 6711A20034G
LWHD1000R 6711A20034G
LWHD1006R 6711A20034G
LWHD1009R 6711A20034G
LWHD1200FR 6711A20034G
LWHD1200HR 6711A20034E
LWHD1200R 6711A20034G
LWHD1209R 6711A20034G
LWHD122FR 6711A20034G
LWHD1450ER 6711A20034G
LWHD1500ER 6711A20034G
LWHD1500R 6711A20035A
LWHD1800HR 6711A20034D
LWHD1800R 6711A20034G
LWHD1807HR 6711A20034D
LWHD2400HR 6711A20034D
LWHD2400HRY7 6711A20034D
LWHD24HRYZ 6711A20035A
LWHD2500ER 6711A20034G
LWHD6500R 6711A20034E
LWHD6500SR 6711A20034E
LWHD7000HR 6711A20034E
LWHD7000HRY7 6711A20035A
LWHD8000R 6711A20034G
LWHD8000RY5 6711A20034G
LWHD8008R 6711A20034E
LWHP8000R 6711A20035A
LWJ0515PAG 6711A20034E
LWL1010WGL 6711A20052A
LWL1210WGL 6711A20052A
LWM1836TAS 6711A20035A
LWN2131QAG 6711A20035A
LWN2432QAS 6711A20035A
LWN2433TCS 6711A20035A
LWP1510WGL 6711A20052A
LWP1830WGL 6711A20052A
LWX183MGMM1 6711A20034D
LXC081ALMK1 6711A20093A
LXC081BLMK1 6711A20034G
LXC081BPMK1 6711A20056T
LXC101BLMK0 6711A20034G
LXC101BPMK0 6711A20056T
LXC101BRMK1 6711A20056T
LXC103BPMK0 6711A20056T
LXC121BLMK1 6711A20034G
LXC121BPMK1 6711A20056T
LXC123ALMK0 6711A20093A
LXC123BLMK1 6711A20034G
LXC123BPMK1 6711A20056T
LXC123BRMK1 6711A20056T
LXC143BLMK1 6711A20034G
LXC143BRMK2 6711A20056T
M1004R 6711A20034G
M1404ER 6711A20034S
M1804R 6711A20034S
M5404R 6711A20034A
MC12AHV 6711A90031C
MS09AH 6711A90031C
MSH-112 6711A20078B
MSH-118 6711A20078B
MSH-124 6711A20078B
MSS-112 6711A20078B
MSS-118 6711A20078B
MSS-124 6711A20078B
S12AN 6711A90032Y
TEC101ALMK0 6711A20093A
TM-1830C2L 6711A20039M
TM-1830H2L 6711A20078B
TM-2430C2L 6711A20039M
TM-2430C2L 6711A20078B
TM-2430H2L 6711A20078B
TWC051HGMK0 6711A20066A
TWC051SBMK4 6711A20034G
TWC061HGMK0 6711A20066A
TWC081KLMK1 6711A20034G
TWC081KRMK3 6711A20056T
TWC081UHMK4 6711A20034G
TWC081ULMK1 6711A20034G
TWC101GBMK2 6711A20066A
TWC101UHMK2 6711A20034G
TWC121LHMK0 6711A20034G
TWC151PHMK1 6711A20034G
TWC183PHMK0 6711A20034G
TWX183NGMM0 6711A20034D
TWX243NGMM0 6711A20034D
TXC081BLMK0 6711A20093A
TXC101BLMK0 6711A20093A
TXC123BLMK0 6711A20093A
TXC123BLMK1 6711A20093A
TXX103ALMK0 6711A20093A
TXX123ALMK0 6711A20093A
UWC121ZCMM0 COV30332902
W121CA 6711A20035A
W121CM 6711A20035A
W122CA 6711A20035A
W122CM 6711A20035A
WG1200RY3 6711A20034A
WM-1031 6711A20034G
WM-1211 6711A20034D
WM-1231 6711A20034G
WM-5031 6711A20034E
WM-8031 6711A20034G
WM1836QAS 6711A20035A
Y5USC18-6R 6711A20035A
Y5USC24-6R 6711A20035A